Photography Review Sites...

·  Digital Photography Review

·  Imaging Resource

·  Philip Greenspun's

·  Rob Galbraith Online

·  Steve's Digicams

·  Digital Camera Resource Page

·  Photozone Lens Tests

·  DxO Mark RAW Sensor Tests

Photography Forums... 

·  DPReview Forums

·  DCResource Forums

·  The Photo Forum

·  Photozo Forum

·  Fine Art/Photography Forum

·  Outdoor Photography Forum

·  Black & White Photography Forum

·  The Photographers Forum

·  Photography Corner Forums

·  Imageopolis Forums

·  Photography Review Forums

·  Fred Miranda Forums

Photography Tutorials... 

· [Extensive Video Tutorials $]

·  Julieanne Kost [principal digital imaging evangelist, Adobe]

·  Roger N. Clark

·  Norman Koren

·  Cambridge in Color [Sean McHugh]

·  Doug Kerr's Pumpkin

·  Calvin Hass [Info About JPEG]

·  Bill Claff [Much Technical Info]

·  Paul Roark [Digital B&W Printing Info]

·  Paul van Walree's Writings About Optics

·  Harvard Extension School Seminar

·  BestBuy Article About Lenses [Quite good except for the advice to buy a UV filter for "protection"]

Assorted Information... 

·  Russian program to remap Coolpix camera pixels...

·  Excellent site re various atmospheric optical phenomena

·  Max Lyons' Tawbaware

· [Takes DxO data and computes sensor parameters]

Helpful Free Programs... 

·  JPEGsnoop by Calvin Hass

·  Barnack [camera simulator] by Mikkel Stegmann

·  PixelToolbox [pixel-level icon/thumbnail creator]

·  EXIFtool by Phil Harvey [Use EXIFtoolGUI for Windows]

·  EXIFtoolGUI by Bogdan Hrastnik [Use w/ EXIFtool]